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Servers Online

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Servers Online

Post by TheFrazzledKid on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:20 am

But entirely vanilla, on a new random map.
No whitelist, either.
Tell me what you think of the connection, any lag, etc.
Scope and I will work on permissions and plugins, then a map switch to the proper one to conclude RP.


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Re: Servers Online

Post by Warrikon on Sun Apr 01, 2012 7:29 am

lab rat reporting for duty sir

edit: no delay on anything at all, server comes up faster than most of my other ones... and i'm playing a game of lol.

no lag in chat either

all gud! oh, and terrain generation is gud toos. (i mean it loads fast..)
also a certain someone may have.. hidden.. a few certain things in certain areas of this map :)

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Re: Servers Online

Post by Joccaren on Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:12 pm

Connection Bar: 3/5. Approx equal to Servercraft on a good day.
Chat: Approx 0.8 seconds delay between pressing enter and text appearing.
World Loading: Fast. Didn't even notice it loading, it was just there.
Login: Approx 5 seconds
Combat: Was able to kill 4 zombies without being hit once. With a sword. Aka: Seemingly no combat lag. (Unless I somehow had godmode on a vanilla server, but its vanilla so...)

So far seems good. I can sense a slight ambient lag, but its more of an odd feeling and a minor delay in chat than anything that will practically affect things. Thus far seems good. Will have to see how it copes with a Scope TNT party, or Darkbourn zombie arena spawning (Something like 50-90 zombies in a small area. About 10x10 blocks), or an Overlich Blaze/Ghast invasion as a proper test as to how much strain it can hold, as well as having as many people on as we can get at once.
My estimate is that it will have less variability in lag [From very little to below moderate], but more base lag than serercraft [Judged by the delay in chat, and ambient lag feeling, whereas alone on Servercraft I didn't get that].
So, basically, a little bit slower overall [Barely noticeable], but a lot more stable. Seems good. Will be interesting to see how it handles stress tests.

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Re: Servers Online

Post by sonicxs2 on Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:58 am

I have full 5 bar connection, the world loading is fast, but some chunks keep flickering (they appear, disappear, appear, disappear...). the mobs seem to be much better than normal, almost no lag in them.

btw, wut is that island above the spawn? i can't pillar to it since it is spawnprotected.

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Re: Servers Online

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