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Recipe for disaster

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Recipe for disaster

Post by Warrikon on Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:49 pm

After two months of holidays i should have expected my social skills to drop to a minimum, if existant at all.

By the way if you don't want to be bothered reading an apology thread (not really apology, considering it was just my stupid wording, but the effect it had...) then just ignore this thread. Its focused at faelar and faelar alone.

First of all i want to write down what made me do such a bad horrible thread.

1. I was tired

2. My social skills were at a minimum

3. I was on my ipod, unable to read whole sentences at a time. (in one look).

4. My english is very bad (i hate communication, but i only like to experiment via it, and be nice (obviously that thread was a bad example).

5. I was trying to create an arguement thread based on the signatures people had.

So obviously my efforts to make a arguement thread on peoples signatures failed catastrophly. Sorry fae.

The old title of the thread was 'faelar loves to mate'. This was because faelar had in his previous signature; i love to hunt, mate, eat and sleep. To me, that is all there is to life. (something along these lines.) however my wording lead the title of the thread seem to be negative after reading the end part of my thread; 'also, i hate greens. Read my signature.'

First off this was not meant to be taken litrally. I did not choose the colour blue to single out faelar as if i hated him, however it is just as i am in life; neutral to most extents. Blue was the first colour (sorry, i'm australian, so thats not a typo to me.) that i recieved from that roleplay was infact blue, and no other colour. I wish i could prove that to you but i cannot, so you will just have to go by my word (which not even i would trust at this point in time.)

The main point on why i put that at the end of the thread was to show that in my signature, i am not friends with faelar, whereas i was outside of that (mc, skype). It meant that my idea's would never be the same as faelars, however this was not intentional in any thread, i never wrote to my own signature. I just wrote what i thought in my mind. It was never meant to be taken litrally that i 'hated' faelar, infact hated was a far too strong word for the sentence, if it was to be done as i originally wanted it to be like. (by the way, i don't think faelar has ever considered me to be a friend, rather he is frustrated by me, or see's me as an obsticle in whatever quest he is attempting to do. (this is in my eyes. If true, he wouldn't accept it willingly, and i don't blame him for seeing me as an obsticle, because i know how 'pushy'/'annoying' i can get.))

Why was i tired? Its my holidays, and i don't tend to listen to my parents

Why did i make the thread? Because i saw humor in faelars signature, and did what any casual idiot/whatevernegativeconnotationyoucanthinkof would do; make a thread about it.

Why am i making this thread? To apologise, because i NEVER intended it to be like that.

If you want to talk to me faelar, ever again, then please do so... It is not like i have ever hated you in any way, i have always feared you hating me. My nature just goes a but stupidy sometimes, and as much as i try to control it, it never goes away.

If anyone wants to ask any questions... Please... Do. Don't think badly of me, i never mesnt it to be that way ;(

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Re: Recipe for disaster

Post by Wheeind on Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:49 pm

Ok. I think everyone should hug and make up then we can all have pie and be happy.

First result on google for delicious pie of friendship and love:

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Last edited by Wheeind on Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:32 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : because while reading "we can all have pie land be happy" was amusing I realized my mistake)

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Re: Recipe for disaster

Post by ReceptiveRaptor on Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:41 pm


I have a question actually.
Why the hell wont everyone just spell "colour" as color...
When I lived in Aussie no one gave two shits how I spelt the word.
I sported that "color" shit with pride and never put a "u" in ever.
Just saying.
Sorry my social skills are crappy right now as I just woke up.
Wow that sounds like I was mocking you... That's not intended >.>

Typing in broken paragraphs ftw?

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Re: Recipe for disaster

Post by Squii on Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:51 pm

Wheeind wrote:Ok. I think everyone should hug and make up then we can all have pie land be happy.

First result on google for delicious pie of friendship and love:

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Also Warri,do you like turtles ?
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Re: Recipe for disaster

Post by Faelar Laelither on Mon Jan 30, 2012 1:09 am

I spare and forgive you for what you've done, Warrikon. ONCE.

Now stop making threads about me and leave me alone.
Faelar Laelither
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Re: Recipe for disaster

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