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Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

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Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

Post by Tengard on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:00 pm

Hello all! I have been inspired from the amazing work of Sealand and AJ's writing and have decided to have a try at it myself. In this thread there will be multiple "Legends" of the history of the SFe. To start with, will be a longer one about the founding of the guild itself. So enjoy, as my "namesake" Journeys through a quite.... unforgiving world.

Everyone wants a happy ending. But, realistically, that isn't plausible. Some must take the fall for others to find happiness. Others will just suffer regardless of outside machinations.

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Re: Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

Post by Tengard on Fri Jul 20, 2012 8:02 pm


With another blink the second had passed. Tengard did not waste his time though, he was used to the sensation. He always had a strange fixation on time. Being that his species did not age as fast as other beings it wasn’t that surprising... to him at least. When he left his community, in order to go study time itself, he was branded deranged. That did little to upset him though. Nothing did.

Ever since he left his home he has traveled. He never stays in one place for long. For him that is better. More time.... to understand time. It was silly to some, and nothing but a mock-dream to others. Apparently, no one in the world has ever thought like he has questioning the balance of time. Questions like, “Has time changed?” and, “If it had what would its physical properties be?” were regarded as the day-dreams of a lazy no-body. There were much more important things to do.

Tengard blinked once more. Hmm.... He seemed to be getting moodier lately, he kept losing his composure. Shaking his head of useless thoughts the elf once more turned his attention to the group of bandits in front of him.

“Gentlemen, are you sure that this endeavor you have chosen is a wise one?” Tengard spoke softly with no hint of emotions in his voice. He was calm and gave off an air of confidence that most of the five bandits had never come into contact with before.

Tengard looked closer at the bandits, judging their posture and form... It was quite sad. Really, children at his home village were better prepared then these buffoons were. Although, he wouldn’t hold it to them. If they had any power Tengard was sure that this would be the last place they’d be.

“ I think tha’ you be the one in trouble lad.” One of the bandits spoke, most likely the leader judging by his size. He was also at the head of the group so either he wasn’t smart, or needed to be fearless in front of his subordinates.

Tengard looked over them one more time. The one in the middle, “Leader” had short brown hair, and a scar that traveled across his face from his left ear to his right jaw. Right behind him on either side were two younger looking warriors, that appeared to be twins. Both wore heavy looking plate-mail and could be considered abnormally tall for their race. Tengard wondered if some lady got frisky with an Orc. It would definitely explain those two...

Tengard’s eyes turned to the man closest to the forest on the side of the small road. He was short and very hairy. He held a bow pointed at Tengard’s chest, but was shaking like there was a storm going on. The last bandit was a young man holding onto a dagger. This one interested Tengard the most, because he appeared apathetic to what was going on around him. Tengard looked back quickly to “Leader” as the man took a step closer.

“Now come on boy, surely ya got something of value in tha’ nice little cloak o’ yours.” Tengard sighed as he realized that no matter what he did the bandits would not leave him in peace. In one second, right when the bandit was blinking, Tengard had drawn his decorative Jian. He did not stop there, for when the bandit’s eyes opened back up, the last thing he saw was his body tumbling down five feet away from him.

There was a shocked silence before the two giant men charged at him. Tengard twisted his body through openings in their forms, and ended up behind them. As they turned, he quickly stabbed his sword through one of their heads. The other twin became enraged and went to stab him, but Tengard ducked down under the blade, and planted his hands on the ground. He launched himself up and mule-kicked the giant straight in the jaw. The man flew back from the contact and landed a few meters away.

Tengard took a step towards the downed man, but stopped as an arrow flew past him. Turning Tengard glared at the small, mousy archer. Apparently, seeing his “friends” deaths, and their killer glaring at him was to much for the man, and he quickly dropped his bow and ran into the forest. Smirking, Tengard was blindsided by a tackle from the forgotten-giant, and lost his breath as he was drove into the ground. Both struggled on the ground, trying to dominate the other, before Tengard put the palm of his hand in the man’s mouth. The man started to bite down, but Tengard had already uttered an incantation which caused water to start spewing out from his hand.

The bandit’s eyes widened as water started to fill up his lungs, and he coughed while he tried to get away, but Tengard’s hold became like iron. The man struggled to escape, his eyes pleading for mercy, but they were met with cold apathetic eyes of a hardened-warrior. Eventually, the man lost consciousness and died.

Once he was done, Tengard got up and reclaimed his weapon. He brushed off his clothes and turned to the last bandit. The boy was calmly rifling through his comrades clothes.

“Not thinking of how you can claim revenge for your fallen comrades? A miracle, apparently there IS intelligence in the country.” The young man snorted and turned to face Tengard while he counted out the amount of gold coins in a pouch.

“Listen buddy you did me a favor. These idiots had me entrapped in their “brotherhood”. Now how about we get out of here and find some shelter?” The man stood up and sauntered over closer to Tengard. Holding out a hand to shake, the boy introduced himself, “I’m Taseus. Now if you will follow me, I know a place where we may be able to actually survive the night.”

There was silence between the two men, before Tengard nodded his head and shook Taseus’ hand. Taseus grinned and started to take a game-trail through the forest. He walked briskly, knowing exactly where he was going. Though he usually preferred silence, Tengard did admit that some more information on this young boy would be a good idea.

“Where do you come from?” Taseus was surprised at the question at first, but smiled nonetheless as they walked through the dreary forest. “I came from a village not to far from here. Apparently, it was one of the first settlements in this area. We were just a simple community of farmers. My father was a blacksmith though, he taught me all about metal-working. Now, I ain’t going to tell you that some calamity struck and I was forced away.... I just, felt called elsewhere.” Tengard nodded his head, his face completely blank. The boy sounded like a drifter; drifting around until they found somewhere they belong. He looked to Taseus’ side and saw his short-sword.

“You practice with the blade than? Or is that just for show?” Taseus patted the blade and looked over his shoulder to Tengard, “It was the weapon of my mentor. He use to be the leader of our small group of bandits, but was killed by Ytern who then took over in his place. We use to have around twenty bandits, but with the nearby kingdom growing in strength, more and more of our men were taken by patrols. Now after you taking care of Ytern, Granis, and Theorv... well, only me and Erner are left.”

“ My condolences. I would have let them go, if they had let me go.” Taseus waved off the apology with a bittersweet grin. “I had no allegiance to them. I was only with them because they would’ve killed me if I had left. I should be sorry that I couldn’t help you out.”

“I forgive you.”

With those words, a small breeze blew through the forest. It danced around the two man as if embracing them. Taseus felt warm inside, almost as if someone was praising him. Looking over at his new acquaintance, he was shocked to see a small smile on Tengard’s face. “What was that?”

Tengard looked up to the heavens, his smile slowing fading. “It was a good friend.”

Taseus looked at him once, and scoffed, “Great. I’ve got a wind-hugger for a traveling partner... Oh well, it would be my fate. Hehehehehehee....”

Both men continued through the dreary forest, as night slowly came, and the moon rose to replace the dead mass that was once a sun.


“Welcome to the only place I am welcome!” Taseus spread out his arms in a grand gesture and shouted to the heavens. Tengard thought it was a bit much for a dilapidated shack. The building-if it still qualified as one- was almost completely wrecked. Only one wall was completely intact and Tengard was highly sure that extensive use of clay in the gaps was the main cause of that.

Nonetheless, Tengard followed Taseus inside the building. He quickly realized that the it looked worse from the inside than the out. Taseus walked up towards the back of the one-room shack and sat down by a small fire pit. He laid back as he lit the fire up and gestured towards Tengard to make himself comfortable.

Tengard sat down silently regarding the young man before him. Usually, one wasn’t so at ease around him... He tended to be oblivious to most social customs and had a knack for coming across as cold and uncaring. But this young man seemed completely at ease with him. It felt...nice.

“So what’s your story? I told you mine I think it’s fair I heard yours.” Tengard looked up into the awaiting eyes of Taseus and slowly nodded his head, “Fair is fair.”

“I grew up in a loving and caring family. I was the eldest of five boys and as such responsible for them most of the time. As I grew, I questioned the world around me extensively. I cared less and less for trivial matters, like courting a wife, and instead became somewhat obsessed with time.”

“Time? How can you try to learn more about time? It is just events happening...right?” Scowling from being interrupted, Tengard continued on with a slight tone of annoyance.

“Time is an integral part of some arcane arts and rituals. Most of the important ones require a set amount of time. I experimented to see if controllable rituals needed the pre-required time to work, or if that was how long it would take the caster. Most of them didn’t require the caster to go a certain place, but my theory was proved when I attempted a crop-growth ritual and even if I finished the chant just a second early, it would not work.”

“So? You’re right woopty do, what’s that prove?” At this interruption Tengard shot Taseus a withering glare which the young man couldn’t help but to shrink back from.

“So? It proves that Time must have other properties than what we have all come to accept! For it to effect a ritual that means there must be other ways to interact with it at all! It completely changes ritualistic magic, as well as simple conjuring, as we well know it!” Seeing Taseus’ blank face Tengard started to speak in a condescending manner, almost growling out his words.

“Let me give you an example. If a “bad-mage” finds a spell that can summon a tornado and has a target in mind he may use it. Now, he might think twice if that summoning ritual required him to chant fifty-yards away for three days straight. But! If we pretend that the mage knows how to circumvent the time part of the ritual-”

“He could summon it almost instantaneously! By the deities above!” Tengard couldn’t help but smirk at the horrified face across from him. He settled back down in his seat and mollified the boy’s fear.

“Exactly. But, we shouldn’t have to worry. I still haven't worked out all the variables, and probably won't finish it in my lifetime. Hopefully, later my research will prove useful.”

The flames crackled amongst the stones as the two companions drifted into silence. The smoke lazily rose into the air circling up into the sky. Tengard’s focus drifted from the sky and back down into their pseudo-campsite. Looking around he realized the danger of both of them falling asleep in the middle of the woods. He sat up straighter and took his cloak off and rolled it up for a pillow.

“Take a rest Taseus. I’ll take first watch.” Taseus nodded gratefully and rested his head down on his pack. As Taseus fell asleep, a small breeze blew by and slightly buffeted Tengard.

“Good-night to you as well, my friend.” The breeze seemed to dance fleetingly around Tengard’s head before blowing off, deeper into the wood. Tengard smiled once more and relaxed, easing back into the meditative duty of watch.

(THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

Everyone wants a happy ending. But, realistically, that isn't plausible. Some must take the fall for others to find happiness. Others will just suffer regardless of outside machinations.

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Re: Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

Post by Tengard on Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:00 pm


Waking up Tengard was definitely not pleased to find a sword pointing at his face. Especially after he had repeatedly asked Taseus if he would be able to take the last watch. Looking over and seeing Taseus in chains made it clear to Tengard that Taseus would never again be trusted with watch. Tengard would stay up all night if he had to.

“Get up elf.” A gruff voiced sounded behind him, and a very strong grip pulled him to his feet. Tengard was surrounded by guards, all of which had swords pointed at him. He slowly rose his hands in a peaceful gesture and allowed the guards to move him towards Taseus. Once he was there, they quickly chained him up as well.

“Sorry about that friend...” Taseus’ head was bowed in shame and Tengard found that he couldn’t stay that angry at him. “It is alright my young friend. We will find ourselves free of this...misunderstanding soon.” Seeing the bandit archer from before taking a purse of coins from a guard and scampering off Tengard continued almost to himself, “One way...or another...”

A snort drew Tengard’s attention away from Erner’s escape and turned to a guard. “The Captain has a severe dislike of bandits, so no matter what you say you will be enjoying a nice long stay in the prison walls. If you are innocent.... I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do.” Noting the sincerity in the man’s eyes Tengard nodded and caused no trouble for him as they were guided from the clearing.

The guards led the duo through the forest and across a grassy plain. After around a half hour they finally reached a cobblestone road. Walking along, Tengard eyed a small village in the distance. A fork came up in the road and the guards led them to the left, away from the small settlement. They eventually came up to a large stone structure which Tengard identified as a prison.

The walls jutted from the earth casting intimidating shadows on the peaceful grasslands. As they walked closer to the ominous walls of the prison, Tengard could see two identical towers at the front of the compound. Before the front of the prison consumed his sight, he saw the tops of two other towers in the back. They were wider, but shorter than the front one. A fifth tower shot out of one of the back towers like a parasitic growth, and Tengard assumed it was used for a higher vantage point for archers to snipe any escapees.

There was one entrance and it was a single door-way that appeared to only be opened from a guard-room. Once Tengard got into the courtyard he cringed. There was a body hanging loosely from the gallows swaying as two crows landed on it to feast. A whimper sounded behind him. Taseus was a disturbing shade of green and looked as if he might puke. Tengard got the impression that he was more upset about the thought of himself dying than the sight of the poor soul swinging by the rope around his neck.

“Don’t worry boy. Though the Captain doesn’t like bandits, it doesn’t mean he’s going to kill you right away. Once he gets evidence though.... Then you should worry.” Tengard’s eyes flew from the informative guard over to Taseus. The poor boy’s face was so pale Tengard wondered if he had lost circulation of blood in his head.

They were led past the gallows and a small cafeteria, and into their cells. The cells were small, cold, and dark. Whoever this Captain was he sure didn’t like any criminal scum. Tengard sat in the far corner of his cell and relaxed as the lock clicked into place. It seemed as though they’d have to wait it out for now. It was clear to him that he and Taseus were the only two prisoners in this place... and while Tengard was confident he could escape he wasn’t so sure of Taseus’ chances...


Two weeks had passed by and Tengard had come no closer to finding a way to successfully escape the prison then he had in calming his companion’s fears. During that time he had taught Taseus more about his studies to draw the boy’s thoughts away from the ominous gallows right outside their cells.

He couldn’t sense any latent magical power inside the boy, but it sure was nice having a clean slate to bounce theory off of. And even if he couldn’t use it the boy would now be able to recognize the simpler magics and be better prepared to fight any magicians in the future. Of course Tengard would be there to help him along as well.

That was also a new development in their stay. Tengard found that he had become what others referred to as “attached” to young Taseus. He felt though that “invested” would be a better term. He spent many hours teaching the young boy, and he’d be damned if all of that valuable time was wasted by some buffoon with a sword.

The first thing he attempted to teach was tactics. That was soon found to be a waste of time. The boy always responded with completely illogical tactics, unorthodox and completely insane. Somehow, the boy had a mentality that everything would always work itself out.

So he moved onto magic theory. The boy was like a sponge! He was the perfect disciple, well...if he could actually use it of course. But regardless, Taseus held an innate affinity for creative thinking, an abstract view of life that helped him to understand the workings of the arcane. He was no master, but it was certainly an impressive start for only a week and a half of learning.

Shouting roused Tengard from his thoughts and he was surprised to see the guards forming into squadrons and marching out of the courtyard of the jail.

“Hey! What’s going on!” Tengard shouted. He was surprised when the guard that escorted him stood in front of his cell. “Quaintsborough, the neighboring village to this out-post is under attack. The Captain doesn’t know what force would attack so close to our fort, but we’re mobilizing to defend the village.” A strange gleam made itself visible in the guard’s eyes, “It would be sad if any prisoners were to escape. Too bad none of them know now would be the time to leave.” Tengard nodded his thanks and the guard waved it off, “I’ve got to go. They don’t call me Fire-blood Thames for nothing!” Thames ran off, leaving Tengard and Taseus standing in their cells.

“Tengard.... what do we do? Are we escaping?” Tengard nodded his head and backed away from the cell window.

“Stand back, Taseus.” Taseus hurriedly backed away as Tengard’s fist glowed white. The elf walked up to the back wall of the cell and placed his fist solidly against it.


The wall blew out from where Tengard had placed his fist, and even the wall that supported Taseus’ cell blew out. Taseus was wide-eyed in awe as Tengard hopped out of his cell and landed outside of the prison. He clumsily followed, and both men saw a sight that shocked them. The village in the distance was enflamed, branders flying through the air unleashing fiery-death. Screams echoed from the town and evil laughter caused Tengard to frown.

“This is where we part boy. I can’t ask you to follow me into a battle that isn’t yours. Keep your head down and lay low.” He took a step forward, but Taseus’ arm shot out and grabbed his shoulder.

“I-I’m coming with you. Without you, I’d still be in that prison. Besides, I stick by my friends.” Tengard nodded while slightly smiling. “Then you better get a weapon ready.”

As Taseus drew his short sword, Tengard pulled out a pair of gauntlets. They were dark steel and had jagged edges that would deal a massive amount of damage if used. The most peculiar part of them though, were spikes of golden, glowing rock on the knuckles. Taseus felt....good for some reason. Tengard saw the confusion and correctly guessed the cause.

“Beautiful isn’t it? I discovered these in the Nether, they glowed and cause feelings of happiness and other positive emotions..... I also noticed the fact it had a very nice effect on demons. Let me just say.... they don’t like it.” Taseus grinned as Tengard put on his gauntlets, and both of them made their way closer to the village stealthily.


Theodore Thamuel “Thames” Thatch was not one to complain. Being born to two poets in love with each other and alliteration forced him to toughen up very early in his childhood. He felt that the only way to show he wasn’t a sissy tree-hugger was to learn how to beat anyone that called him that up. So he did.

That also had the adverse side-effect of him being conscripted by the Regional Rangers: a very prestigious militia in his region of the world. The only thing about it that bothered him was its name. Thames HATED alliteration... Or any other type of literature device. Like irony. Irony always upset him. Whenever he would look back he’d see so much irony that he would scream.

Rolling to the side, Thames realized that now was definitely not the time to be thinking of his past. Especially not with a large angry demon firing fireball after fireball at his head. But he couldn’t help but blame irony, when a stray shot hit him directly in his groin.

Thames grimaced in pain as he shielded his head from any more attacks and watched as the almost frail-looking demon drew closer, laughing at his fate. It drew back its arm, charging up another blast. A swipe from behind disconnected the hand from its wrist before it could even fully charge its attack.

It roared in pain and wildly turned around. It saw a young boy with a sword dirtied by its blood. It leapt at the mortal, but before it could even get close enough to attack him another man grabbed it round its neck and slammed it into the ground. Its breath was knocked out of it from another direct punch. More rained down upon it each one inflicting massive amounts of pain. When they let up, the downed demon slowly rose its head only for a glowing fist to be placed against its skull.


Thames groggily got up to see the elf he basically let escape, scraping brain-matter off his gloved hands. The body of the demon was lying on the ground. Its entire head and upper-torso was blown off. Thames wiped some gore off of himself and helped the elf’s accomplice off his ass.

“Thanks friends. I knew you were the right sort.” Taseus grinned and Tengard walked over the demon’s body and closer to Thames. “My compatriot and I were in your debt for allowing us to leave that prison, and I personally couldn’t let such a quaint town as this Quaintsborough be overran by demons.” Thames grunted in agreement and smiled at the two.

“That’s great! Because I don’t think we can hold out much longer in here.”

“Where can we find your Captain to ask for orders?” Tengard’s question was interrupted by a body being flung from an adjacent alley and landing on a roof. The strength of the impact caused the body to be impaled on the rafters. There was a moment of shocked silence, before Thames pointed to the body,

“There he is.”

Everyone wants a happy ending. But, realistically, that isn't plausible. Some must take the fall for others to find happiness. Others will just suffer regardless of outside machinations.

"Rusk: The kind of man who would "act" like he just stole your baby child's lollipop." -Scope.

Tengard, the master of "Nope let's make the characters as UNHAPPY as possible..."

Nihilum, the evolved form of Rusk. Commonly found in dimensions of sheer awesomeness, this Pokemon takes to flying over noobs after a hearty lunch of enchiladas. Needless to say, a swarm is considered a bad sign in many cultures.
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Re: Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

Post by Tengard on Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:38 am


There was silence in the group before a cluster of three Haertons made their way through the alley the unfortunate Captain was thrust from. Tengard wasted no time, throwing himself right in front of Taseus, his decorative Jian drawn.

The demons looked down upon the elf and laughed at the display of heroism. The largest of them made his way closer, it’s grip tightening around a large spiked club.

“Puny mortals always believe in the wrong fighting tactics... DIE!” The behemoth hefted its club and lunged at the mage. Tengard deftly flowed away from the impact and faced the belligerent demon. Eyes narrowing as it swung its club once more, the nimble elf ducked underneath the swing and sliced at the demon’s leg. His sword bounced off the incredibly thickened-hide, not even leaving a scratch. He was forced to leap back to escape the monstrosity’s counter.

Through his peripherals, Tengard could see Thames holding one of the brutes off and Taseus quickly losing ground. Growling, he ducked underneath yet another swing and leapt back a fair amount of distance.

“TO ME!” Heeding his call Thames threw a knife at his enemy in hopes to briefly distract it and quickly made his way to his new ally. Taseus was a little less composed: he flung himself away from his opponent and hid behind Tengard.

The elven mage scowled at the slowly approaching beasts and raised both his arms. He stretched out one arm and pulled the other arm back as if readying an arrow. There was an eery silence as the demons slowly came closer before the smell of burning ozone clouded the area. Lightning slowly manifested along Tengard’s arms and in one fluid motion he flung it at the approaching Haertons.

In the blink of an eye the bolt hit the demons and created a deafening explosion. Taseus and Thames grinned excitedly and both hooted in delight. Tengard’s scowl did not lessen as the dust slowly settled. Three large shadows stood ominous and imposing in the cloud, and as it finally cleared all three demons appeared plainly. Even worse... was that they were completely unaffected.

“Foolish mortals.... A Voltain could hit harder than that pathetic attempt. That wasn’t even near a Resait love-tap.... Time to Die Mortal!” All three demons simultaneously charged. Thames closed his eyes, coming to peace with his short life. Taseus closed his eyes, afraid to face his death. Tengard also closed his eyes.

In prayer.

‘Honored Father.... please forgive me for not having the strength to protect those that fight under me... I beg of thee give thy humble servant one last chance... Allow me to light the way.... Allow me to give light once more.... If only just for an instant....’

Tengard’s eyes flashed open glowing completely white. He floated off the ground, his entire being tense. Everything froze as a pillar of light shot from the mage’s body and up into the heavens. Nothing moved...

And then the darkness was consumed by blinding light.

The demons all howled in misery and fell onto their knees in agonizing pain. They blindly ran from the light like roaches; fleeing back to the fires from whence they came.

Silence pervaded the town as all those still present and living, basked in the surprisingly gentle rays of light. The light lasted form only a few more heart-beats before it was once again overpowered by the desolate shadows.

Thames and Taseus both looked at the panting elf in shock. Taseus was the first to find his voice, “What in the bloody fucking blazes was that!”

“That...was the last of what my god had of what was once known far and “Sun-light”....”


Tengard, Taseus, and Thames all sat around a fire. They had gathered what was left of the guard force and evacuated all of the civilians out into the plains. Quainstborough was declared a lost cause: Only burning coals and bodies were left of the once peaceful town.

The guards, seeing his immense power, proclaimed Tengard their hero and new leader. Thames could only chuckle at the elf’s face.

A camp had been set up, and all of the civilians were in the middle of a perimeter of watch guards.

The flames crackled and illuminated the weary faces of the “Heroes of Light”. Taseus was sharpening his mentor’s sword, Thames was watching Tengard, and the powerful elf was idly staring into the flames. Taseus abruptly stopped and spoke.

“What was that back there?” Upon hearing his voice, Tengard raised his head and looked into the young boy’s eyes. He also noticed that Thames was awaiting the information eagerly as well. Sighing he sat up and made himself comfortable.

“This will be long... and that means No interruptions.” Taseus whistled innocently and Tengard rolled his eyes. “When I told you that I became obsessed with time and experimented with rituals I left out a key-fact. I had stumbled upon a ritual to summon the manifestation of time itself... I was young, naive and had no idea of the severity of what I had decided to undertake. I fufilled the ritual... and was completely surprised when a celestial being appeared in the mountain shack I was experimenting in. The god before me smiled....almost parentally and spoke to me. It called itself Kronas....the god of Time and Forgiveness. I was shocked. He told me that I was the first mortal to ever hear his name...and that fact gladdened me. I was so...happy. I had never felt that way... On that day, I disregarded all that I had set out to do, and pledged my life and devotion to the embodiment of my obsession.”

“ You acted irrationally?!?!” Taseus laughed and Thames couldn’t help but to chuckle. Tengard was not amused by the interruption and continued on, ignoring the barb.

“ From then on, I served my Lord Kronas faithfully. With his power, I easily converted lost souls to his magnificence. I created an order that befitted such a being as Kronas. I am the leader of the religious group known as the Sangrienta Fe.” There was a silence around the campfire, before Taseus ,once again, thought of something intelligent to say.

“The Nether does that mean?” Thames guffawed loudly and Tengard groaned in frustration. “It means ‘The Bloody Faith’ you buffoon...”

Taseus blushed in embarrassment, and decided to remain silent as Tengard continued his explanation.

“The Sangrienta Fe... is a place of treasuring knowledge. We remain faithful to the ideals of our Lord and Father... and I lead the charge. I have become the first Maestro Sacerdote of the Sangrienta Fe. I am Tengard el Mago Tiempo.” Thames caught Taseus’ clue-less gaze and whispered to him, “He’s Tengard the Time Mage.”

Taseus’ mouth made an ‘o’ in understanding. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably before he found his voice, “Uh...Tengard. Do you think that.... Kronas would want a follower like me?” Tengard remained silent, seriously contemplating the question. A nod of his head caused the young boy to break into a radiant smile.

“Ahem.” Tengard turned to Thames and saw an unreadable expression on the guard’s face. “It appears then that you have quite a small army of recruits.” He gestured out to the survivors of the battle. “In case you forgot, these men pledged their loyalty to you, and I doubt the civilians are in any hurry to depart from their heroic savior. Looks like you are doing excellent work in finding followers for your god.” A powerful gust of wind toyed with the elf’s hair and danced around the two humans.

“Seems like our friend upstairs agrees with me.”


The caravan of people slowly made their way across the land heading for safe haven in the headquarters of the Sangrienta Fe. As before, the guards surrounded the civilians and guarded them from danger. Tengard led the way at the head of the group flanked by Taseus and Thames. All in all it was a very intimidating group, a mass of iron-clad soldiers and townsfolk alike all moving in unison throughout the endless sand dunes.

“Tengard, where we going?” The question came from a bored Taseus, his arms held up behind his head. “We are going to the far Eastern Desert. That is where Sangrienta Fe is based.” There was a silence at Tenard’s curt reply, but it was broken once more by Taseus.

“I just had a great idea! You know how Sangrienta Fe is such a mouthful? How about we just call it SFe?” Taseus was quickly cuffed upside his head by a scowling Tengard. Taseus rubbed his head in pain and noticed he had fallen behind.

“Hey wait up!” Taseus ran faster to catch up with the group. As the landscape slowly became drier, the group failed to notice a feminine figure following after them... Fingering an obsidian dagger with blood flowing off of the blade.

Everyone wants a happy ending. But, realistically, that isn't plausible. Some must take the fall for others to find happiness. Others will just suffer regardless of outside machinations.

"Rusk: The kind of man who would "act" like he just stole your baby child's lollipop." -Scope.

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Re: Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

Post by Tengard on Sat Aug 11, 2012 11:00 am


Tengard stood as a silent protector on top a hill overlooking their temporary camp. He and a small squadron of soldiers stood between the last of known land. They stood at the edge of the plains. A vast expanse of dry, hard sand greeted the eyes of the weary survivors of Quainstborough. Beside Tengard stood Thames. The journey had been slightly challenging: constant undead raids made traveling much more risky then it should have been.

It had been five days since they had set out, but it felt much longer to the group. The more stubborn of the villagers decided that they would bring their livestock with them, delaying the group even further. The oxen were easy to lead, but the sheep needed constant shepherding or else fell prey to the now-common dangers of the wilderness.

Finally, the group had reached the borders of the desert. They had set up camp for the night, and waited amidst the barren trees for the measly light that would come with day.


“ Is everyone prepared Thames? I’d like us to begin the journey through the Shifting Sands.” Thames scowled at the name of the constant sandstorm that raged just a mile into the desert, and shifted his sack higher onto his back.

“Yep. We got all villagers rounded up. A farm boy got smart and tied up all the damn sheep.... By.. Kronas, I don’t know how so many of the damn things survived!”

Tengard noted that Thames was attempting to get used to following a new god, and slightly smiled. The man was sure to do well in the guild. He may have been a bit of a reckless fight-seeker, but the man knew how to lead troops, and that was just what Tengard needed.

Thames was a very good man to have on his side. As was Taseus. The boy just-

Tengard’s eyes grew wide and he quickly spun around to face Thames.

“Where is Taseus?!”


Taseus lay back at the woods dozing underneath a twisted oak. He felt crowded when camp had been set up and had sneaked farther off to sleep in peace. He soon lost himself to dreams of heroics and women..... Lots of women.... He started to stir from his sleep though when he felt something.

The feeling felt oddly...relaxing and...good, Taseus’ eyes drifted open from his slumber to observe a sight that completely shocked him. Before him was a goddess in human form. Her skin had a light orange-tint and glistened hauntingly. Her red, flowing hair cascaded elegantly down her body and veiled her face. Her eyes peeked out from her luscious locks, looking down at him with a heart-melting smile on her beautiful face.

Her body was sleek and mesmerizing, only the thinnest strip of cloth maintaining her modesty. Her hand rested on his chest and as he tried to sit up, she forced him back down with surprising force. He opened his mouth to speak, but she merely put her fingers to his lips to silence him.

Taseus did nothing as she fell upon him. He was soon lost to the waves and throes of passion. The pair fell down into the ferns and both were ignorant of the watcher in the shadows.


Daiga wasn’t the best of Halflings. He was the best treasure-hunter that he knew of, but not the best Halfling. The Daiga had a love for treasure and always took what he saw. He also liked being alone. That was one of the main contributing reasons that he resided alone in the woods.

So, when Daiga saw a young boy mating with a demon in HIS woods he was a little peeved. Now, the Daiga wasn’t one to interrupt mating, he had some class after all, but once they both finished he walked over. The boy apparently had fainted after the climax, but the girl was still awake. She was leaning over the boy’s head aiming a dagger at his throat.

“Ahem.” The Resait jumped up spooked, but visibly relaxed when she saw the small halfling. She chuckled a bit as the thing tried to look intimidating as it scowled and crossed its child-like arms.

“Move along little halfling, before I eat you for a snack.” Daiga’s scowl deepened and he growled slightly. He stood at an unimpressive height, barely half the demon’s size. He reached back into his sack and drew out wrapped up object. The Resait watched amused as the bite-size shrimp slowly unwrapped it’s parcel.

That amusement died when it saw what the little cretin actually possessed. It was a very smooth dagger, almost like the metal flowed straight from the crucible and into an elegantly curved weapon. It seemed to gather all the light in the surrounding area, and glowed with a soft, white light. Coupled with the fact that it was engraved with stunning depictions of angles and greater beings, the Resait was led to one answer.

The damn bastard wielded a holy weapon.

The Resait dropped it’s knife and fled instantly, not even attempting to grab her other belongings. The sudden movement caused Taseus to stir. When he sat up his hand landed in the Resait’s pile of belongings and subconsciously gripped the knife.

He blinked groggily, and turned to face Daiga. Upon seeing the miniature warrior he spoke slowly,

“What’d I miss?”


Daiga and Taseus sat together on an old log. Daiga had quickly pointed out the young boy’s state of indecency and as Taseus clothed himself, Daiga told him exactly where he had made his mistake.

“You let the lass do what she wanted! The Daiga has been around long enough Tassy that men-er....boys have to be assertiative! Or else the girls will steal YOUR treasure and not the other way around!” Taseus blinked at the weird speech pattern and could barely realize just what ‘The Daiga’ had just implied.

“Now wait a minu-”

“The Daiga has been in your shoes kiddy! But, he came out with the treasure and the excavation tools!” Taseus’ face became green at the unwanted information. He waved his hands quickly to deter the Halfling from continuing when he noticed the black dagger in his hand.

“What’s this?”

“That appears to be treasure boy. The only good thing out of your little sexcapade.” Daiga rose to his feet and started to walk away, “Now shoo! The Daiga Mur has more treasure to find, and doesn’t want any exhibitionists in his forest!” With that Taseus was left all alone in the dreary forest....

For some odd reason he felt really violated....


Taseus dragged his legs through the coarse underbrush and stumbled out of the forest. He shook a few twigs and leaves off of his pants and made his way out onto the plains. Before he got very far though he was stopped by someone calling out to him,

“Taseus! Over here you absent-minded fool!” Looking over to his left he saw Thames and a small company of guards making their way over the crest of a hill.
“Tengard has been worried sick after your sorry hide! Where were you?” Thames got him in a headlock when he reached him and ruffled the boy’s hair. He quirked and eyebrow when Taseus’ face blushed beet red and voiced his concern, “What happened? You look like the lad that accidentally wed his lover’s sister.”

Taseus quickly broke out of the hold and blew a raspberry at Thames. “ I was raped!”

There was a stunned silence in the group before all the men started to burst into laughter. Taseus blushed in embarrassment. Until he noticed that Thames was looking into his eyes seriously.

“You’re serious...aren’t you?” Taseus’ nod silenced the laughing men and Thames grabbed his shoulders.

“Where is it? Where is the bitch that took my little brother’s innocence!” Thames grew an angry red and actually startled Taseus with his ferocity. A smile grew on his face, when he heard the soldier’s declaration of relation. “It’s long gone Thames....but I did get a present.”

Taseus held up the obsidian dagger and allowed the others to revel in its grace. It was the opposite of Daiga’s weapon. It was harsh and ragged, it shut out surrounding light, and was clearly made to inflict massive amounts of pain.

Taseus couldn’t wait to try it out.


Tengard embraced Taseus firmly when Thames brought him back to the rest of the group. He held the boy’s shoulders and looked into his eyes sternly, “If you ever decide to nap away from the group, please alert either me or Thames.” Taseus nodded bashfully at this.

“Now, explain to me exactly what transpired in that forest?”


“And that was it....” The young boy averted his eyes from his hero's as he finished the story. They were both sitting a ways away from the group. Taseus had inadvertently caused the group to be delayed to the point that they had to camp out another night longer. This time the group was in the middle of the plains, and a perimeter of guards were set in place to deter anyone from breaking away from the group.

The flickering light from the fire casted shadows that danced upon Tengard’s form. He watched as Taseus hung his head in shame of what happened. He placed a comforting hand upon the boy’s shoulders and leaned in conspiratorially.

“Would you like to know something?” Taseus hesitated before slowly nodding his head, “There is a reason that I have no children Taseus. When I was like you, I admit I once was, I fell to the temptations of a Resait. I survived the encounter as you can see...but not intact... You see, I found out exactly why those demonic beasts’ jaws are strong enough to bite through flesh....” Tengard chuckled bitterly at Taseus’ pained expression.

“Yes, it left quite a mark... But enough of that, I would actually like to see the dagger you now posses.” Taseus gladly handed the dagger over to Tengard’s waiting hand.

The Time mage studied the dagger in the fire-light extensively. He observed every side of it and ran his finger along every edge. He finally placed it in his palm and put his other hand over it. Closing his eyes, his hands started to glow with an ethereal blue fire.

The dagger flashed blood-red and flew into Taseus’ open hands.

“Hm....just as I thought. That dagger is much more then it appears. I’m guessing it was imbued with demonic powers.”

“Huh? What does that mean?” Tengard sighed in resignation. He should of expected that response....

“It means, that a highly magical Voltain or other magical demon, put part of their own magic or even life-force, and gave the weapon special properties...”

“Is that good?” Taseus fingered the dagger subconsciously. Tengard eyed it warily from his seat.

“I...don’t know. I don’t have the experience in a diagnostic spell to tell you exactly what it does. You’ll have to find out for yourself...but.... Be careful. These things aren’t to be relied upon that heavily. Constant exposure...can change you.”

Taseus laughed it off and puffed out his chest in a completely absurd show of strength.

“No magic do-hickie could ever change anyone from MY family! Heheheheheheee!”


Day had come and the group once again stood at the edge of the Shifting Sands. With barely a nod Tengard made his way straight into the roaring storm. Behind him, Thames and Taseus followed leading the remainder of the group after their leader. The sand slowly swallowed up every single member of the group and no trace was left. No one knew of the dangers in the sand...

Everyone wants a happy ending. But, realistically, that isn't plausible. Some must take the fall for others to find happiness. Others will just suffer regardless of outside machinations.

"Rusk: The kind of man who would "act" like he just stole your baby child's lollipop." -Scope.

Tengard, the master of "Nope let's make the characters as UNHAPPY as possible..."

Nihilum, the evolved form of Rusk. Commonly found in dimensions of sheer awesomeness, this Pokemon takes to flying over noobs after a hearty lunch of enchiladas. Needless to say, a swarm is considered a bad sign in many cultures.
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Re: Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

Post by Tengard on Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:23 am


The sands stung the skin of the weary travelers as they trudged along the desolate wasteland. The winds howled in glee of their new victims, and never ceased in their relentless assault. Those to weak to endure the extreme heat and wind, slowly perished along the rocky path. The strong could do nothing as their elders and children grew weaker and eventually fell to their fate. The pace set was a harsh one, and more than one soldier was skeptical of the journey’s success. A few children were saved by their families, usually carried by an elder brother, father, or a beast of burden.

Tengard walked resolutely against the wicked wind. His form led the rest of the survivors through the storm. He shone with a bright light that easily broke through the billions of airborne grains of sand. The light illuminated him, and cut through the darkness of the storm. He was the beacon that the masses followed.

After the ninth hour Tengard stopped and called for a brief respite. The soldiers were made to raise tents for protection but they were quickly caught by the wind and ripped away from the earth. The people had slowly started to show the strains of exposure to the harsh sands. Their forms were coated in a layer of sand, and any skin that was visible was an vibrant and angry red. Many of their lips were cracked and bleeding from the dryness, and some were coughing from breathing in to much sand.

“Haul up your blankets! Bundle together to endure the storm! All soldiers surround the clumps of civilians, and all children still remaining should be placed in the middle!” The loud shout from Thames amazingly roared above the din of the storm and sent the soldiers flying into double-time.

Once all of the bundles were set up, the troops were allowed to rest alongside the innocent men and women that they were protecting. Taseus sat alongside Thames on the outside of the largest circle. He felt a tap on his arm and turned to regard a young woman with raven hair, and eyes as black as ink staring warmly into his. For some reason Taseus felt a blush creep up his face as the young girl smiled at him.

“-Hello? You there?” Taseus shook out of his stupor as he realized that the girl was talking to him. “What was that?”

“I asked if you wanted some of my water?” Taseus looked at the nearly empty canteen in her very delicate, and smooth looking hands. “Oh...uh, no thank you. I’m good, but thank you anyways....Ms.?” His blush deepened as she laughed lightly and patted his shoulder.

“My name is Reanna. Reanna Noics. My father was....killed in the attack in Quaintsborough. I guess I am the only one of my family left...” Taseus felt his heart pang as the beautiful girl’s face started to tear up and out of instinct quickly wrapped her up in an embrace. He felt her tense up, and right when he felt as if she was going to push him away, held onto him tightly. After a few minutes Reanna slowly started to stop crying and loosened her hold on him. Leaning back she smiled gratefully,

“Thank you.... I really needed that.”

“No problem! It was my pleasure.” Taseus heard a snort from his side, and saw Thames about to burst into laughter. The guard waved at him to continue his conversation as Taseus glared at him in slight anger. Turning back, Taseus saw the young beauty giggling at him and his blush deepened in intensity.

“Who is that?”

“Oh that? That’s Thames....he’s a bit of a prick, but he’s like a brother to me..” The two continued to talk, spending the entire break conversing about themselves. Eventually, sleep claimed Reanna and she slept peacefully on the shoulder of Taseus


As Taseus walked alongside Thames on the perimeter of the traveling group, he found that his eye kept travelling to Reanna’s form. She had caught his gaze a few times, and smiled kindly and waved each time. Whenever he was caught, Taseus’ gave broke away to look forward, his cheeks cherry-red. Finally, Thames couldn’t bear it anymore,

“I know it’s fun to be in love boy, but we have a job to do.” Taseus snorted and crossed his arms.

“I’m not in love, I just met her!” Thames looked at Taseus funnily, “Does it matter? Love can strike at any time kiddo.” When he saw Taseus turning his nose up into the air he continued smugly, “Besides, it isn’t so bad, eh?”

Taseus continued along his partner, but jarred still when a soldier a few feet in front of him staggered backwards with a dagger in his eye. Feeling a ripple in the air, Taseus rolled just out of the way of to escape a dagger coming for his own head. Looking around bewildered, Taseus saw a large group of warriors cloaked in very earthy colors around the eastern flank of the party. Out of the corner of his eye, he was shocked to discover that the weapons seemed to be poisoned with some kind of flesh-rotting toxin.

Hearing a battle-cry Taseus saw Thames rushing the nearest enemy and Taseus was quick to follow. He smoothly twisted around one of the cloaked men’s swipes, and followed up with a quick counter, hitting him in the head with his sword hilt. The force of the attack made the man fall to his knees, and not thinking straight, Taseus finished him with a swipe from the Resait’s Knife.

A howl of agony was his first clue that he would learn what the knife did. The sight of blood burning like oil made him want to vomit. The man...was burning from the inside out... Taseus grimly looked away, in order to find another victim. What he saw instead scared him to the core, Reanna was under attack from one of the cloaked enemies.

With surprising accuracy, Taseus threw his knife at the man’s back. Running as fast as possible in it’s wake, he was able to reach the man just seconds after his knife set his blood aflame. Acting quickly, he beheaded the man to save him from a more painful death. He looked back at Reanna and was tackled out of the way of an arrow.

“ this.” Taseus grabbed the cloak of the fallen enemy and placed it around her. “Don’t move.” She nodded hesitantly and did as Taseus said.

Taseus felt something trickling down his arm and looked down to see blood. Getting an idea, he wiped his sword in it before bandaging it up. He then slowly drew his enchanted knife against the blood on the sword, and grinned darkly when the sword caught on fire.

“RAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” Taseus charged wildly back into the chaos of battle. His blades lighting up the battle. He weaved in and out of the enemies, one slash of his sword or knife was all that was needed to take them out for good. As he flipped over one of the warriors, cutting his head in two as he did, he heard a ground-shaking thud.

It was a golem. A monstrous golem larger than any man. It’s red, hate-filled eyes gave Taseus a clue to which side it was on, and as it flung a soldier through the air Taseus had no doubt in his mind. The beast caught sight of Taseus and roared an angry challenge.

Rushing forwards he brazenly slid underneath the brute, swinging his sword at his legs as he passed beneath it. Surprisingly, the beast was very agile and was able to dodge the underneath swing. It swung a large fist at Taseus as he struggled to get back up, and caught him right in the middle of his chest. Taseus flew back as the hit landed, and spat up blood when he landed. That hit had probably broken two or three ribs. Hearing a distinct thudding sound, Taseus cursed as the golem charged him. Before it could reach him though, two figures suddenly entered Taseus’ vision.

Tengard put a hand on his chest healing it, whilst Thames charged with a blood-hungry grin. Without even turning his head, Tengard rose his other arm and pointed it at Thames. A green bolt flew from the mage’s hand and hit Thames in the back. The warrior was surrounded by a faint-green glow and seemed to be moving faster.

Thames and the Golem had reached each other, and the golem swung a mighty fist. There was a shock-wave as it hit Thames’ fist and stopped. The golem seemed to almost blink in surprise and Thames grin grew exponentially.

“I have to love my new leader....I always dreamt of wrestling bears! Or uh....anything kinda close to them.” Thames swung his other fist and hit the golem in the gut. There was a low thud and as Thames pulled back his fist there was a visible crack in the stone where his punch had landed.

As the golem and Thames began to box with each other, Tengard helped Taseus up to his feet, “Be careful... You shouldn’t be so eager for battle like you were. It will never end well, if you charge in without a plan.”

“Wise words, Maestro.” The words carried a surprising amount of venom, and both Tengard and Taseus turned to face one of the cloaked assassins.

He wore a different cloak than the others, his being slightly more regal and colorful. He had dark sunken eyes, and small pointy teeth. He didn’t look completely human...

“Ah Alstair, so Atsul has sent you to kill me now?” Taseus looked between the two warily, preparing his Demon-knife behind his back.

Alstair slowly nodded his head, and brought his hands up to face them. “Can you please just die for me Tengard el mago tiempo? I rather not have to wait very long in this blasted desert.” Alistair brought his hands up, and that’s when Taseus noticed it. On the palm of the assassin’s hands were two mouths. Taseus grimaced in disgust as the two unnatural mouths opened up and spat two balls of glowing black energy.

Tengard hastily grabbed Taseus by the scruff of his neck and pulled him quickly to the side, his speed augmented by a very fast spell. Taseus watched the two orbs go through where they once were, and fly off and hit two soldiers. There was a small explosion and the bodies rapidly decayed and fell into the sands.

“Be careful.... He has more tricks up his sleeves than that.” Taseus watched as Alstair slowly turned to regard them, his grin still on his face. Both palms faced them again, except they spat out red orbs this time. Tengard jumped to the side while Taseus fell flat against the ground. The orbs passed harmlessly over him, hitting the ground behind him. There was a roar of flames, and heat flared up right behind the downed boy.

Taseus rose to the sight of Alstair and Tengard circling each other firing spells back and forth. Tengard would shoot a beam of ice, only for Alstair to summon a horde of mosquitos to take the hit. From what Taseus could notice, it seemed that Tengard was not fighting full-out. He seemed to be more defensive then when he normally fought. While on the other hand, Alstair seemed to be eager to do the mage in. He fired dull-brown beams of energy at Tengard repeatedly, but never seemed to be able to hit him.

A roar from right behind Taseus startled him, and he was hit by something landing on his back and pushing him down. He moaned in pain and sat up as the glowing form of Thames got off of him. “Hey sorry about that little buddy. This guy is tougher than he looks!” The golem slowly made his way over to them. Cracks were visible all over it’s body, and it’s right arm had actually crumpled into dust. Thames smiled at Taseus before running off to go finish the golem.

A cry from Tengard made him turn, and he gaped in shock as his master was hit by a brown ball of magic. As the mage fell, Taseus saw red and charged Alstair. The cloaked mage fired rapid balls of black energy at him, but they exploded behind Taseus as he expertly dodged each one. As he came nearer, Taseus lashed out and stabbed at Alstair with his enchanted knife.

“Hahahahahahaa.....” Taseus blinked in shock as his knife could not penetrate the mage’s skin. He yelled in pain as his throat was grabbed by his opponent and was slammed into the sands. The mage got uncomfortably close to Taseus’ prone form, and then he noticed how Alstair’s skin seemed to have a weird pattern to it. “I’ve always admired the skin of a snake.... I’ve taken nature’s design and modified it myself, you like?” The mocking voice made Taseus want to curse his name, but he found he could barely breath. “It doesn’t matter, I’m going to kill you here, in front of your loving Maestro..... Any last words?” Alstair brought his other hand right in front of Taseus’ face, and the mouth on it opened up and started to gather energy.

“You s-should really keep your fat mouth.....SHUT!” At the last word, Tengard brought his dagger up and stabbed it straight into the mouth on Alstair’s hand. The dark mage’s eyes widened in complete shock, before he started to howl in complete agony. This time Taseus could not look away, and was forced to watch as the mage was completely destroyed by fire that seared from his veins... As Alstair fell, Taseus stayed completely still, shocked as the knowledge of what he had actually done played across his mind. The pained filled eyes of Alstair burned forever into his memory. Before he could move, he was knocked down by Thames, and he rose his arms over his head to block falling bits of rock. The golem had sailed over them, it’s body almost completely gone. It started to shake as it’s body fell apart.

Taseus blinked in surprise when a small form burst from the golem’s remains coughing up dust. The small halfling scowled at Thames and Taseus before standing. “That was my favorite piece of art....You unappreciative assholes!” The small form of the halfling surprisingly exuded a fearsome magical might, and earth slowly rose up to make a suit of hardened sand over the earth-manipulator. This second golem was much smaller than the last one, only protruding an inch or so off of the small halfling’s body. Small tendrils of magic snaked their way from the lithe form and attached themselves to piles of rock. Four more golems rose from the mounds of earth and formed a protective circle around the halfling.

“FOR THE AFFLICTED!!!!” The small group of golems charged, Thames and Taseus readying themselves for combat.

Everyone wants a happy ending. But, realistically, that isn't plausible. Some must take the fall for others to find happiness. Others will just suffer regardless of outside machinations.

"Rusk: The kind of man who would "act" like he just stole your baby child's lollipop." -Scope.

Tengard, the master of "Nope let's make the characters as UNHAPPY as possible..."

Nihilum, the evolved form of Rusk. Commonly found in dimensions of sheer awesomeness, this Pokemon takes to flying over noobs after a hearty lunch of enchiladas. Needless to say, a swarm is considered a bad sign in many cultures.
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Re: Legends of the Sangrienta Fe

Post by Tengard on Sat Apr 13, 2013 9:44 am


The four golems charged and Taseus and Thames nodded to each other. In near-perfect synchronization, they leapt apart from each other and engaged two of the golems each.

The Golems were slow and easy to anticipate- but, they worked in perfect coordination. If an opening was ever left it was covered by that golem’s partner. Taseus was holding out well, until the Halfling inside the Golem-Armor joined the fray.

Barely being able to handle two enemies, Taseus was on the ropes when it jumped to three. Just as he was giving up hope, Thames struck one of the golems from behind. Taseus noticed that Thames still had that green-aura from Tengard’s spell. Although, it appeared to be fading fast.

A lucky slash of his sword and Taseus watched as another golem fell. The tides had turned and he was much more confident that he and Thames could take the enemies. It appeared that the Halfling thought this as well for he threw forward his hands and the last golem made a suicidal-charge towards Taseus and Thames.

The two easily struck down the construct, but the Halfling had disappeared. Taseus grinned and Thames smirked.

Looking around, they watched as the soldiers finished off the assailants. Victory was claimed! Although they had their own fair-share of losses.... Tengard was walking towards the two leaning on a soldier for support. Where he had been hit by Alstair’s spell his clothes had been torn and the revealed flesh was a sick brown. Tengard didn’t appear to be letting it affect him though.

“Come, we must move.”

Taseus blinked in shock, but Thames nodded in agreement and started yelling orders for the large group to get a move on. Taseus walked up to Tengard and spoke quietly, 

“Don’t you think it would be best to let the people have a rest?”

“They may rest at our Headquarters. To stay out here in the sands any longer is too dangerous.... they are tired and need rest dearly or the morale will only worsen. We move onwards.” Taseus frowned but nodded nonetheless and hurried to go help where he could...

And once more Tengard illuminated the way out of the treacherous desert.


Taseus gaped at the sight before him. Tengard had made the Headquarters to be a simple place of gathering for believers of Kronas and protectors of knowledge. In truth, it was a small city-state, with sprawling buildings and houses. There were five buildings that towered over all others, each one like a silent-protector of the settlement.

There were cheers as the rest of the caravan finally set eyes on the lands of Sangrienta Fe. Finally, a place to rest and start new lives! Taseus grinned widely as he saw Reanna shedding tears of happiness. He grinned. His new life began now.


Tengard watched as the people made their way to the Guild lands and smiled softly. They would fit in nicely with the scholars and farmers that the guild mainly comprised off- and Malchovo would surely appreciate the guards. They’d boost the Tower of Fear’s already impressive military-force.

As if his thoughts summoned the man, Malchovo made his way from the Guard-Station on the outskirts of the city and up the hill. He seemed to observe every villager and soldier walking to the town, and nodded at what he saw. Finally, he made his way to the Maestro and stood beside him, both men watching over their latest recruits.

“They are haggard....but seem to have a strength about them.”

Tengard nodded in agreement and turned to Malchovo, “They have been united in spirit during the journey. Even though it was short, it has deepened their trust amongst one another.”

“So, in the message you sent you mentioned a probable successor? Where is he?” Tengard pointed to Taseus, who was down among the villagers walking alongside Reanna.

“The boy? Are you sure?”

“Kronas himself has made it clear that the boy will have great influence upon the guild.”

“What’s his name?”

“He calls himself, Taseus. He tells me that he has forgotten his family name.”

Malchovo nodded once more and watched as Taseus made his way into the streets of the city, “ Then I shall watch over him... What’re your orders, Maestro?”

“Accompany me to the temple; I must speak with Kronas.”


Tengard meditated in the grand hall of the Temple of Kronas. The temple was centered in the middle of the city, and was the origin point for the surrounding five Towers. It was in these halls of gold and sandstone that their divine-benefactor spoke to the devout.

Tengard had come to commune with Kronas to see if he would be granted an insight into the future of the guild- and more importantly the immediate-future of Taseus. Ever since he had laid eyes on the city, Tengard had a sinking feeling in his stomach. It was an omen that soon.... Something would happen to the man he had come to regard as his own.

Tengard meditated in the same position for the better part of twenty-four hours. If there was one gift that Kronas was sure to reward, it was the gift of a mortal’s devoted-time. The symbol behind giving up a fraction of one’s short-time on the material plane was very flattering to the God of Time.

Suddenly, Tengard felt another presence in the prayer chamber. Opening his eyes, he saw a middle-aged man with sandy colored hair and gold eyes sitting across from him. Tengard basked in the man’s overwhelming presence for a while before smiling.

“This is the first time that you have materialized a physical form for one of these chats.”

“This is the first time that you have gifted me with more then half a day.” The god leaned forward slowly and poked the elven-mage. “You’re it.”

Tengard chuckled and nodded his head, “One day I will not be down here for your game to continue. Although, I’m assuming that you have already found another player?”

“Oh yes, a good friend of mine. You won’t live to see him unfortunately. Such a shame, he’s much like you, you see. You probably could’ve convinced him to join the Guild!”

Tengard smiled at that and shook his head, “Speaking of future events as if they were yesterday is very confusing to a mortal’s conception of reality. Shame on you.”

“Oh, let me have some fun! You won’t be here much longer and I want to enjoy it-...” An uncomfortable pause grew between the two and Kronas looked away.

“So it approaches even now?”

“Forgive me..... I should not have spoken so freely... Have you found a successor?”

Tengard frowned at the change of topic and sighed, “Yes- but I had hoped for more time to train him pro-” He stopped as he saw the god’s eyes flash a dull-gold color. The god took in one shaken breath and exhaled slowly.

“ You’ve cheated. You promised me that you would find-”

“A young malleable man, yes. Sadly, he has grown on me, and I have rubbed off on him. Surely, he isn’t so bad?”

Kronas looked at Tengard pitifully, “The guild is changing, Tengard..... it can’t afford to have a leader that would act as you have.”

“So for my years of servitude, I am to be repaid with death and exile? And my heir won’t even be allowed to take up the reigns of all I have built?”

Kronas’ eyes narrowed, “Don’t you try to make it out like you are the victim. I told you exactly what you would do for the guild. I’ve never lied to you, nor tricked you. What has changed from the time we made our bargain?”

“ I’ve run out of time.”

Kronas’ eyes softened and he put a hand on Tengard’s shoulder, “ You were my first disciple on this planet. You know what will happen if I don’t interfere. I won’t lose you like that.”

Tengard sighed and nodded his head, “Then it shall be that I leave this world with none that shall carry my legacy-”

“I never said that. The world shall echo with your influence for ages to come. You’ve made your legacy already, Tengard el Mago Tiempo...... The First Maestro of the Sangrienta Fe.”


Malchovo eyed the newest recruit in front of him. This boy was the one that Tengard was grooming to be his replacement. The Second Maestro. He wasn’t much too look at.

Then again, Malchovo had been wrong before. He used to dabble in the darker arts of the arcane before he was saved by Tengard.... Tengard and his impeccable moral-code.

Getting back to the present, Malchovo grunted and wrote down the lad’s name, “Alright, Taseus.... You’re signed up for a probationary-period as a Blade initiate. Do your guild proud son, and you may find a promotion or two awaiting your service.”

 Taseus grinned and shook Malchovo’s hand, “I can’t wait sir.”


Farcnex watched apathetically as Alstair’s corpse was brought back to undeath. When the corpse regained awareness, it was kicked with a steel boot and stamped on repeatedly.

“You foolish, child. Do you dare endanger my chance at claiming Tengard’s life? He is mine to slay, Alstair. You forget yourself.” The leader of the Afflicted continued to beat Alstair until he had sated his lust for violence. After that he stormed away from the undead-elf and towards his Throne room while beckoning Farcnex to follow behind him.

Atsul sat upon his Obsidian Throne and gazed coldly down upon Farcnex, “Tell me.... What did you notice?”

Farcnex bowed his head, “The Maestro has a disciple.... Besan has confirmed as much from his recent spy-reports.... He also has found and catalogued the weaknesses in the Sangrienta Fe’s defenses.... We shall be ready, My Lord, very soon.”

Atsul grinned wickedly, “We have time yet to prepare..... Let the Sangrienta Fe tremble in anticipation..... We shall leave them Afflicted....”

Everyone wants a happy ending. But, realistically, that isn't plausible. Some must take the fall for others to find happiness. Others will just suffer regardless of outside machinations.

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